Netherlands, Haarlem

Haarlem Hotelsuites

Kleine Houtstraat 13 Haarlem, Netherlands Hotel
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Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
Haarlem Hotelsuites
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Services and amenities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • WiFi
  • Refrigerator
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe-Deposit Box
  • Microwave
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To city center
0.5 km
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Kleine Houtstraat 13 Haarlem, Netherlands

Some nearby attractions and points of interest around Haarlem Hotelsuites in Haarlem, Netherlands include:

1. Grote Markt (market square)

2. Frans Hals Museum

3. Teylers Museum

4. St. Bavo Church

5. Haarlemmerhout Park

6. Amsterdamse Poort (historical city gate)

7. De Hallen Haarlem (cultural center)

8. Corrie ten Boom House (museum)

9. Haarlem Canal Belt

10. Haarlemmer Kweektuin (botanical garden) These are just a few examples of the many attractions and amenities located near Haarlem Hotelsuites in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Haarlem Hotelsuites

To city center0.5

About the hotel


Haarlem Hotelsuites is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Haarlem, Netherlands. The hotel offers a unique and luxurious experience for guests looking for a comfortable and stylish place to stay. The hotel features beautifully designed rooms and suites that are equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, minibars, and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are elegantly decorated with a mix of contemporary and classic styles, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for guests. Guests can choose from a variety of room options, including standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and spacious suites. Each room is designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for guests to unwind after a long day of exploring the city. The hotel also offers a delicious breakfast buffet each morning, featuring a selection of fresh pastries, fruits, cereals, and hot dishes. Guests can enjoy their breakfast in the hotel's cozy dining area or have it delivered to their room for added convenience. Overall, Haarlem Hotelsuites is the perfect choice for travelers looking for a stylish and comfortable place to stay in Haarlem, Netherlands. With its luxurious rooms, convenient location, and delicious meals, guests are sure to have an unforgettable stay at this charming boutique hotel.


1. Frans Hals Museum - A museum dedicated to the Dutch Golden Age painter Frans Hals, featuring a collection of his works as well as other art from the 16th and 17th centuries.

2. Teylers Museum - The oldest museum in the Netherlands, with a diverse collection of art, natural history specimens, and scientific instruments.

3. Grote Markt - The central square of Haarlem, surrounded by historic buildings and bustling with shops, cafes, and markets.

4. Amsterdamse Poort - A historic city gate that once served as a main entrance to Haarlem, now restored and used as a cultural center.

5. Eindelijk! Theater - A cozy theater in the heart of Haarlem, offering a variety of performances including plays, musicals, and comedy shows.

6. Haarlemmerhout - The oldest public park in the Netherlands, perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic on a sunny day.

7. Haarlem Jazz & More - An annual music festival that takes place in August, featuring jazz and other live music performances in various venues throughout the city.

Top questions

1. Where is Haarlem Hotelsuites located? - Haarlem Hotelsuites is located in Haarlem, Netherlands.

2. What amenities are included in the rooms at Haarlem Hotelsuites? - The rooms at Haarlem Hotelsuites include amenities such as a kitchenette, free Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV.

3. Is breakfast included in the room rate at Haarlem Hotelsuites? - Breakfast is not included in the room rate at Haarlem Hotelsuites, but guests can purchase breakfast at an additional cost.

4. What is the check-in and check-out time at Haarlem Hotelsuites? - The check-in time at Haarlem Hotelsuites is 3:00 PM and the check-out time is 11:00 AM.

5. Is parking available at Haarlem Hotelsuites? - Yes, there is parking available at Haarlem Hotelsuites for an additional fee.

6. Are pets allowed at Haarlem Hotelsuites? - Pets are not allowed at Haarlem Hotelsuites.

7. What are some nearby attractions to Haarlem Hotelsuites? - Some nearby attractions to Haarlem Hotelsuites include the Teylers Museum, Frans Hals Museum, and Grote Markt square.

8. Is there a restaurant on-site at Haarlem Hotelsuites? - Haarlem Hotelsuites does not have a restaurant on-site, but there are many dining options within walking distance of the hotel.

All services and amenities

Hotel Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • WiFi
Room Facilities
  • Refrigerator
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe-Deposit Box
  • Microwave
  • Hair Dryer
Entertainment and relaxation
  • Windsurfing
Extra services
  • Luggage Storage
Water activities
  • Swimming pool
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